Current beauty favesπŸ’‹

Hi everyone.. today I’m posting about my current beauty favourites. It was so hard to cut this down to these few products as I am realllly loving so many products at the moment but I didn’t want this post to go on forever πŸ˜‚ hope you like it!

20160811_164037.jpgΒ I have really been enjoying using this garnier micellar water, the kind I use is for combination/oily & senstive skin. This is 100% my skin type! It takes make up off so easily, I have used this for a good 6 weeks now and the bottle has barley went down! It’s so good for a drug store skincare product, it helps keep my oils at bay once I’ve used this & I would highly recommend to others with the same skin type as me.

20160811_164047Β I recently purchased the urban decay naked skin concealer and I am really impressed. It does an amazing job at hiding my dark circles and highlights my face just the way I like it. I have mine in the shade fair neutral, and as I’m going abroad in less than a weeks time I am going to purchase the shade above so it goes better with my tan. I rarley ever purchase concealers in more than one shade but as this performs so well I am willing to do so! 😍

20160811_164009.jpgΒ The sleek solstice highlighting palette is by far the best highlight I’ve ever used from the drugstore. It comes with 3 powder highlights and one cream, all 4 are so easy to use, suit every skin tone & last a very long time on the skin. I can’t recommend this palette enough especially for the price! I struggled for a while to get my hands on it once I started looking, but I got mine in the end off the superdrug website for only Β£9! It’s great for travelling and hasn’t let me down for the past month I’ve used it for. Try it if you haven’t and thank me later πŸ˜‰

20160811_164142.jpgLastly I have the real techniques setting brush. OMG, where has the brush been all my life?! I can’t get enough of it. It works so well for setting the under eyes but I also think it’s great for applying highlight to the high points of the face. It’s super soft and picks up just the right amount of product, and for the price I am seriously impressed. Real techniques is a great brand, this is just one of many of their products I love ❀. I’ve had it for about two months now & have washed it quit a few times, so far so good!


Thank you for reading my post it means so much to me .. speak soon! 😘

New look sale (haul)πŸ‘œπŸ‘—

I recently ordered some new clothes and accessories off the New Look website during their sale (which is still on btw, both online and in store) and I was so happy with everything I bought! When their sales are on I usually pick up one or two things max in store (mostly due to my size never being thereπŸ˜‚) but all these products are items that caught my eye immediatly. Hope you like the pictures, all links will be listed below them too so you can pick the items up yourselves if you like them, thank you!

20160705_114253 (I got this dress in a size 10 – Β£9)

20160705_114528 (I got this dress in a size 10 – Β£10)

20160705_114634 (I got this bomber jacket in a size 12 so it was a bit of a loose fit – Β£16)

20160705_114834.jpg (I got these shorts in a size 10 – Β£7)

20160705_114915 (I bought this to use as my beach bag on holiday next month – Β£8)

20160705_115016 (card holder – Β£2.50)

All of these products had been reduced from a higher price when I purchased them, and you can see how much they were before the sale when you click on the link. P.s please excuse the creases on some of the products, I’d literally just took them out of the packaging they came in & tried them on. πŸ˜‚

Speak soon guys! πŸ’‹ xx

Nars-ita dupe!

Hiiii everyone! Today I’ve got a dupe for you all, I am going to be honest this is probably the most impressive dupe I’ve came across in the beauty world yet – so obviously I had to share it😘

I’ve wanted to try the nars-ita brush for sooo long now so I decided to look up reviews online to see if it was worth the high price (Β£43), and while on youtube last month I found a video of the brush dupe, the youtuber (Amy Macedo) is from Canada so I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get it in the UK. But I found it on amazon for Β£2.07, and it has free delivery!😲 (please note it can take some time for your delivery to arrive if your in the UK as it comes from overseas, but it’s worth the wait!😜) due to the cheap price I wasn’t expecting much but I am really suprised by this brush. It makes my contour very sharp, which I really love for a glam look but for everyday I simply blend blend blend til the look is more natural and I’m good to go.


Although I’ve never tried the real nars-ita brush I simply cannot condone spending the money for the real thing when this dupe not only looks exactly the same, but it also does a very good job at applying my contour product! A COUPLE of stray hairs have fell out over the many times I’ve used this brush, but that’s something I’ve found with many brushes including some high end ones!

I hope this post helps some of you who like me have wanted to try the real thing but just cannot justify that price for one brush!! Thanks again speak soon ❀



My makeup geek eyeshadows😍

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all well! 😘 I’m really excited about this post, I couldn’t wait to review these products for you so I hope you all like it 😊. Last week I ordered my first ever makeup geek purchase which was 6 of their individual eyeshadow pans, all were ordered from beautybay! I am honestly so impressed with these eyeshadows, also they are less than Β£5 each which is just amazing! They’re so creamy, so easy to blend and in particular I don’t feel like I have to work too hard with any of these eyeshadows which is something I noticed on first application.


From left to right the colours and are petal pusher, peach smoothie, cocoa bear, chickadee, bitten and frappe ❀ I love every single one of these eyeshadows but I must say chickadee and bitten are the two that stand out the most to me and are 100% the two I’ve been constantly using since my order arrived. You can create so many different looks with these shadows, peach smoothie and frappe are absolutely amazing to use as transition colours in the crease to make the rest of your shadows pop and blend like a dreaaam 😍

Let me know in the comments what other colours in these eyeshadows you’ve tried and love as I’m planning on ordering some more come pay day! Thanks again for reading my blog it honestly means the world to me.

Speak soon! Xox 😘

Haul/review πŸ’„πŸ’‹

Hi lovelies! So today I’ve got a little haul and review on a couple of make up products I’ve recently purchased.

Firstly we’ve got the Morphe 12NB natural beauty palette. This cost me just under Β£12 from, it is a smaller palette compared to the usual ones but it has so many lovely neutral colours that are so easy to work with trust me!IMG_20160511_164229

This palette has great pigmentation, I’ve made a few different looks using this palete alone and adding different colours to the look. I love it and can’t wait to order another palette from this brand! This is the first morphe palette I’ve ever used and I would say if you’ve never tried them before I would go with this palette to start as it’s affordable and has all natural colours.Β IMG_20160511_164249

What morphe palettes have you tried? I’d love to hear from any of you who have tried other palettes and what you like about them as I’m undecided which one to try next! So comment below and let me know what one you think I should order 😊

Secondly we have what every make up obsessed blogger talks about – Mary-lou Manizer from theBalm cosmetics.IMG_20160511_164505

I’d heard literally everyone raving about this highligher on here, over youtube and instagram so I ordered it from Debenhams while it was on offer and oh😍😍 it literally is to die for. It cost me just over Β£15 but it is usually more, but it is worth the money and I would highly recommend this highlighter if you haven’t tried it already.IMG_20160511_164445

A little goes a long way with this highlighter, I use it on the apples of my cheeks and the end of my nose but it’a also amazing on the inner-eye and the brow bone.

Lastly I have one of the hydra matte liquid lipsticks from Gerad cosmetics, the one I purchased was in the shade ‘Cher’. OMG IT’S THE BEST LIQUID LIPSTICK YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE. It doesn’t dry your lips or make them crack, it has amazing pigmentation and stays on for hours!!IMG_20160511_164556

This cost me Β£9.50 again on, as far as I’m aware this is the only place you can buy Gerad cosmetics in the UK but I might be wrong.IMG_20160511_164625

While swatching I was a little scared the colour would be a little dark for me, but once applied I fell in love straight away & how quickly it dries to a matte finish is fab! If you love the soft matte lip creams from NYX or any other liquid lipstick give these a go, they’re well worth a buy and the colour shades they have fit any skin tone!

All of these products are WELL worth the money and I would highly recommend all of them to anyone! They’re amazing quality and I’m really happy with them 😊

Thanks for reading my blog, I hope you all liked it!

Love Rhiannon XoXo πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜πŸ’•

Amazon beauty bargain buys β€

Hey everyone! So today I’m just posting a short post on two items I recently bought off amazon (I will list the links for them both at the end). Firstly I ordered a 24 lipstick holder which I honestly cannot rave about enough! Firstly the price is insane and it holds just about all sizes of lipsticks! I will say though my KIKO Milani and my EsteΓ¨ Lauder lipsticks (end left hand side of row 4) don’t fit in perfectly but can be placed in fine.Β IMG_20160422_133510

Secondly I ordered a make up brush holder, which was also an absolute bargain!! I was going to order two after reading some reviews that they were fairly small but I thought I’d get the one first and see how I got on. I would highly recommend ordering two and maybe splitting them up between face brushes and eye brushes as I haven’t been able to fit all my brushes in so I’ve went and ordered a second one 😊IMG_20160422_133104

Links to both of these products;

Lipstick holder:Β

Brush holder:Β

BOTH OF THESE PRODUCTS ARE UNDER £3 EACH INCLUDING DELIVERY 😍 (delivery is free for the brush holder)

Thanks again for reading my post, be sure to follow me for more money savers, beauty/fashion hauls, reviews etc.

XOXO πŸ˜πŸ’‹

Nyx Nyx Nyx!!


Anyone who knows me will know how much I love NYX cosmetics, and I was honestly over the moon when I found out the boots store where I live was getting one and today was their first day!! I quickly picked up these bits before my shift at work. The eyeshadow is named ‘sex kitten’ and is a lovely pinky, shimmery colour. The liquid suede (liquid lipstick) is in the colour ‘soft spoken’. It seems quit dark from the outside but I still love the colour 😍. Now before I open the wonder stick has anyone tried it out before?? I’ve seen a couple of youtube tutorials and reviews online with mixed opinions on it, I know it’s only Β£10 but I don’t want to open it and not like it when I could take it back and exchange it for a couple of the soft matte lip creams… anyway please leave your comments below if you’ve tried any of these products especially the wonder stick and let me know what you think! Also, if you have any other fav NYX products let me know and I will give them ago if I haven’t already 😘

I’m going to build up my drug store/cheaper make up and do a massive haul/review in the next few weeks. So let me know what drug store products you think I should try out!

Thank you ❀ XOXO

My big shopπŸ‘—πŸ‘ πŸ’„


So two weekends ago my boyfriend and I went to Newcastle for a day of shopping. There was a few sales on and I cannot say no to a sale!!Β I got a lovely striped dress with a white collar from zara and a navy/white high neck jumper BOTH for under Β£30! I was so chuffed as zara is usually more on the expensive side and as there isn’t one where I live it was nice to find some bargains. I also had a nose in primark, I must say this shop drives me insaneee so I usually only go in for essentials like tights, pj’s etc. So as I was heading to get some tights I noticed a lovely pinky/peach top with capped lace sleeves and a lace up back for Β£5! Not usually a shock as primark is cheaper than other high street shops but for how nice the top was I assumed it would of been more. I obviously had a stop in MAC but it was literally full to the brim of customers and all the staff were busy so I only picked up a lipstick. The one I got was named ‘faux’, a lovely pinky nude that in my opinion would look great on all skin types. I also picked up some new lace up heels from garage shoes for Β£20, a top from new look for Β£8.50 (I got 10% off as I’m a student😜) and a new face mask named ‘cupcake’ as well as a bath bomb named ‘sakura’ from lush ❀ (my fav shop in the world) which both smell delicious btw!!

If you would like to see any of these products for real be sure to leave me a comment and I’ll post a blog showing pictures ❀ also follow me if you want to see more of my blogs!

Thanks again 😘😘 XOXO

Hey everyone 😘

My name is Rhiannon Clarke and I am so excited to be starting my first ever blog! First off I’d like to thank you for taking your time to read this, it means so much to me as I’ve wanted to create my own blog for so long! This blog is basically going to consist of the latest beauty products I’m trying out (these will be both drug store and high end), my thoughts on them, reviews, if I’d recommend them etc. Furthermore I will post some fashion blogs on what styles I’m into at the minute, what shops I’m loving and the bargains I find as I shall tell you now I am the BIGGEST bargain hunter on the planet πŸ˜‚ thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon!!

Rhiannon πŸ’‹ ox